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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  February 13, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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plus how the city of philadelphia is asking construction sites here. >> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan, chances are lots of people in for bad hair day today. >> katie here to explain how long we will be experiences these wilds winds. >> today is not the day for the hairstyles, i mean, unless you aquatone the bee-jesus out that far thing, you will see it flying everywhere, but do expected to as you guys mentioned, very blustery day. i'm seeing the win gusts peaking near 50 miles per hour. this is going to be a running theme all day today. taking a look at storm scan3, actually see it just across the pa state border even into the poconos couple of snow showers still working their way in here. but you might see a snow squawl even as far south as outlying suburbs north of philadelphia throughout the day. but his is wind driven precipitation, guys, our storm system departing just on the heals of the storm that you get this pressure gradient setting us up, so wind
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advisory posted until 6:00 for southeastern pa northern new jersey, then by comparison, rest of the region all, southern jersey, the entire state every delaware not to mention the rest of the delmarva peninsula, maryland, will experience gusts 06 miles per hour here, little stronger after wind there, high wind warning is the story for you. these warnings, these advisories, all last until 6:00 p.m. really the bottom line, just going to be little windier in the high wind warning area. only by again 5-mile per hour wind gusts. meanwhile, feels like temperature, this is how you want to be dressed. this is a value you want to be dressing for i should say. feels more like the 20's, factoring in the wind, really really chilly start to the day certainly. do expect we will rebound to pretty typical value, into the mid 40's, currently at 37, though, at philadelphia international airport. look at the wind though. it is cranking out of the northwest at a sustained 33 miles per hour. so really blustery beginning to the day. with that said, expect to see the temperatures at best mid
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four's, where we should be, both in philly and at the shore, probably not even going to hit the freezing mark in the mountains, everyone gets windy icon here today. up in the mountains specially may see stray snow shower rolling on through, good news, even though front loaded forecast with impact by tomorrow the sun is back, looks like that wind will have to ease up too. generally speaking i got to tell you looking like a pretty quiet pattern all things considered. but coming up a little later, we will walk you through when the worse of the winds is going to actually take place. and also, when does it actually ease up? i'll have the answer just a little later job that will be good to know. katie, thank you so muchment looking outside right now, out of all of the camera shots, what we're seeing is windy cameras, seeing reports signs flapping around, falling in the roadways, weaver debris flying around, then downed trees as women. so the wind certain playing a factor in this morning's commute. see the maintenance vehicle here blocking right lane because every downed tree and the schuylkill eastbound near montgomery. and starting to slow down around the area, as well, maintenance vehicle here, also
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another maintenance vehicle here. still traveling around at posted speeds, but i expect now as we approach the 6:00 hour we will start to slow down little bit. heads up on. that will so the schuylkill eastbound near montgomery downed tree there. you are starting to slow down, also another downed tree in norristown, collings road closed at audubon road, use alternate, rittenhouse road, some trees enough to close down the roadway, seeing it here in norristown, another downed tree in norristown, closing down the entire road, but it is blocking some of it. that's indian road at egypt. also know another downed tree in flourtown, eastbound at caroline drive, heads up, a lot of these downed trees are actually causing some major backups at this time. and we still have that accident throughout in warrington, 611 between street road and bristol road. one lane is still blocked there. rahel, jim, back to you. >> busy morning, thank you. strong winds bearing down on the region, from anything out, sigh it down or take it in. >> utility crews also getting ready for a bus day. trang do live along the ben franklin parkway where there
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is proof of how strong the winds are. high, trang. can you hear me? >> reporter: jim, rahel, yes, i do. that proof is probably in how crazy my hair looks. really no point in doing your hair, but also take a look here, perfect place to show you just how windy it is, these flags along the parkway here, really, really whipping. she also mentioned, it is really cold out here. a lot colder than what the temperature would suggest. strong winds definitely enough to rock some live advance back and forth like ours, use caution when driving, especially if you are driving high profile vehicles, national weather service says there is potential tore downed trees, and power lines as we've been seeing elsewhere in the region. ahead of the wind advisory city officials urge to anchor down materials like fences, tarps, and encourage property owners to secure patio furniture and other items that can break loose and cause
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damage. definately noticed the wind this morning, but say they're not too bothered by it. >> the winds is indeed going through my head. it is a little windy. going little too fast. just a little cold, but it is wintertime, so that's what you specked. it has been mild most of the season. so what we have to look forward to, then this is it. >> reporter: fortunately no reports of damage here in philadelphia, just yet. but this wind advisory does go until 6:00 p.m. tonight. so we have a ways to go here. but for now, liver from the ben franklin parkway, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." back to you guys. trang the good news it is blowing in the right direction, blowing away, so looks like -- >> your hair looks good. >> sports illustrated swimsuit model with your hair. >> beyonce fans going on. >> i'll take it. >> working it, trang. >> well, in some serious news, neighbors in a burlington county community make dis cushing discovery in their
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driveways. >> this is bizarre, pamphlet for the kkk folds into zip locks bags, wade down in rice ended up in cinnaminson. several along driveways on lenola road, it is unclear how many neighbors got them. many made it clear that the clan is not welcome in their community. >> it is justice heartening. it is really disheartening, because i don't think there is any room for this in our society today. i think, to me, like neanderthal thinking. just so backward. >> "eyewitness news" called the contact number on the flyer, it directed us to automated message saying that you have reamed the white nights of the ku klux klan. if you have any information about these flyers, philadelphia police would like to you give them a call. the time 5:36. in business news this morning, changes are coming to verizon wireless cuss testimonier. >> jill wagner joins us liver from the new york stock exchange, where stocks opening at record high today? good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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futures pointing to higher open, wall street opens at new record highs on friday, the dow rose 96 points, the nasdaq was up 18. two more retailers dropping trump branded products, sears and k-mart said they were discontinuing on line sales of trump homemade items like furniture and bedding, sears says part of a push to focus on most profitable items. last week nordstrom stopped selling ivanka trump clothing line. verizon changing course with a unlimited talk and text and data plan. it starts today, cost 80 bucks a month. custom kearse get four lines for $180, depending on traffic, download rates though could be slow, competitors like t-mobile and sprint have really been gaining grounds on verizon, by offering unlimited plans. delta's hiring, the airline announced plans to add as many as 25,000 workers over the next five years. delta is expanding several hubs at airports across the country. and, tomorrow's valentine day. so champagne maker is making
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unusual gift. unique, record a message to your partner, and plays when they open it, and not to worry, if you don't get the message right the first time, you can re-record it as many times as it takes. jim, rahel? >> remember when times were so some recall, could you record a message into a teddy bear, and that was really cool? now champagne, i can't keep up. >> or acinal bouquet of flowers. >> yes. >> says it all. >> thank you, jill, we'll check in with you tomorrow. >> well, in other news this morning, president trump meets with canadian prime minister justin trued owe at the white house a mid growing turmoil in his inner circle? learned the job of the president's national security advisor is in jeopardy. hena danielles follows numerous clashes and controversy, mother bridge one recovering rush a. >> multiple sources tell cbs news the departure of president trump national security advisor michael flynn is not a matter of if, but when.
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the development comes after flynn reportedly misled senior administration officials about his discussions every us sanctions against prussia with a russian envoy. conversation allegedly took place currently before the president took office. >> asked and answered. >> the president still has confidence in his national security vos or? >> it is not for me to tell you what's in the president's minds. >> controversy deeply, when relationship with vice president pence, who defended him in a interview on "face the nation" last month. >> they did not discuss anything having to do with the united states decision to expel diplomats or impose a censor against russians. >> democrats are calling for an investigation. >> this president has struck general flynn to talk to the ambassador. >> the trump administration is also dealing with it first test from north korea after the country conducted add balistic missile test sunday
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in the sea of japan, profer case rhyme as mr. trump was sitting down for dinner, the japanese prime minister, at mara lag owe. >> the united state of america stands behind japan, great at eye -- ally, 100%. >> leaders from the us, japan, and south korea, will hold an emergency meeting at the un today to being wearing their response. hena daniel, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." well, residents in philadelphia's bridesburg section are upset this morning, after a neighborhood entire cemetery is vandalized 33 tombstones inside of holy redeemer cemetery were found knocked offer sunday morning by a mispage i buy with his dog. well, he posted the pictures of the tombstones on social media, sending family members into a panic. >> this is the only memory people have of their families that are gone now. and you pretty much just kick it over and like no respect for human live at all. >> and several members of the
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community voluntarily came youth to upright the tombstones, work is set to begin soon to make sure they do not get knock over again. >> well, the grammys weren't the only awards given out last night. >> up next, tell you some of the big winners at the awards, plus this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> okay, bruno mars! bruno mars performed, that that's what i like at the grammys, a tribute to prince host. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> a special grammy edition of carpool karaoke. take a look. >> ♪ sweet caroline ♪ >> kneel diamonds joined james corden for sweet caroline, keith urban, faith hill, beyonce, jay-z's daughter blue ivy all there, too. so cute. >> well, another big moment from the grammys i have to tell but, a tribute to prince.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> bruno mars joined pop group to pay tribute to prince. they performed let's go crazy, you can see bruno mars was dressed up like the late star. >> and speaking every prince, soon it will be easier to jam out to his classic hit. that's because the music in his warner brothers catalogue is coming to on line streaming services like spotify, apple music. that includes most of the music prince recorded before 1995, plus his albumn, purple rain, dirty mine, and 1999. prince took all of his music off spotify in 2015, and also pulled it off youtube. >> i have to tell but how well lala lands did at last night british academy film award. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> popular musical won five
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awards, including best pictur picture, cinema to go ravi, direct director. actress emma stone won for best actress in a leading role. and here is a look at all of last night's winners from the twitter page, among some of the other winners of the night, viola davis won for best sporting actress, after electric, leading actor, best sporting actor. >> and here is a song that's not up for a grammy award, but we thought you might like to hear t introducing new promotion, for katie and kate. >> ♪ >> ♪ what's the doing on rain or snow? ♪ katie and kate ♪ >> watch cbs-3 eyewitness ♪ >> from trenton to bethlehem ♪ >> katie and kate are everywhere ♪ >> philly, very own ♪
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>> oh, a hint every brady bunch there. >> that's the way it is, then i suppose ukee is our alice? >> right in the middle at the end. >> cute, though. >> yes. >> from trenton to bethlehem, cbs studios and everywhere inbetween. >> exactly. he is actually what i wanted to say, absolutely right. yes, we are hoping with a little bouncy ball you will enable to get it not only stuck in your head but know the words and sing it to us at the grocery store and on the street. we love that. >> i'm getting the wrap. i think no one want to hear me singing. >> of course we are do, of course we do, all right, guys, let's go ahead, switch gears, show you what's going on outside. very, very blustery. here is a shot for you right now, dilworth park, where the love statue is definitely reminding us that if you haven't bought your valentine gift yet, go out and do it today, also, being fact you can see the flags waiving in the breeze at last check, sustained winds speed at
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philadelphia international airport is 33 miles per hour. that's sustained, folks. that doesn't even account for the gusts that are out there. if you need to be accounting for that with windchill, let's talk about that little bit more in depth, taking you out to the eyewitness weather watchers, reporting some pretty vicious windchills. back in time here to the storm system that's now departing, and it left behind some icing, these are some pictures that came in, up around the pocono region in sailors berg. look real closely. you can see how some of these branches are in ice from yesterday. so, some melting needs to take place here, and branches actually ended up getting bent from the shear weight of that. meanwhile, let's take a look at some of the winds. start or the with actual wind and windchill. short list of current wind speeds, again, sustained, guys, out of the northwest, even colder because of the cold air getting drawn in. in middletown, up to 28 miles per hour, from jason, charles, in bath, 27, barbara in willow grove at 22, an is kenneth in willingboro.
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how does it translate to feels like value? for some of the same folks here feels more like the 20's, if not teens. so please account for that. really is cold start to the day, whole day itself still remains cold as we've got obviously middle of february but with the wind that's going to persist. no matter where you are, in our entire area, either wind advisory or high wind warning. warning to the southern half of the region, advisory to the rest every us, gusts peaking g as high as six a miles per hour, very tight pressure gradient setting up between an area of low pressure to the northeast, and area of high pressure trying to build in. meanwhile, as we look forward until the forecast, eventually gets better, but talking future winds gust the rest of today, meantime, see couple of 55, locally up to 60-mile per hour gust picking one time here today. what's good is that as time progresses, we are going to see this east up a little bit into the afternoon, and into the overnight. you may still through the overnight have a couple of 20 or teens that show up here in terms every gusts but it will
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be heck of a lot better same time tomorrow. and not anywhere near as blustery. so with the that said, wind advisory and warning going into effect 6:00 p.m. tomorrow actually looks like nice day, sunny for your honey, then low 40's bee week's end with again very quiet pattern overall. meisha? >> i'm loving that, katie, sunny for your honey. in my case it would be my cat, sunny for my cat. >> oh,. >> all right. good morning, we got downed tree here that's since cleared. actually booking good on the schuylkill, eastbound, looks good, maintenance vehicles, cleaning out of the way, for a moment there it was getting little busy. right now actually looking okay, the schuylkill, i'm giving you big thumbs-up. looking all right. now new jersey turnpike southbound approaching route 73, this is where we have another downed tree, and it is blocking one lane. so heads up on this. starting to see some slow downs, because of it, but overall, seeing some debris fly around, seeing street signs flying around, downed trees, obviously the winds strong enough to below trees down, actually blocking some
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roadways. one of them in norristown, collings road, closed at audubon, use alternate, rittenhouse your best bet there. then another downed tree, cheltenham eastbound at caroline drive. the areas i want to have big heads up on, flourtown, one every them, but overall, theme throughout our morning because the winds is not, doesn't sounds like it will east up, especially not during the morning commute. wynnewood, take a look, also where we have activity, downed wires here, wynnewood road near city avenuement downed wires, downed polls, getting the theme. >> this will slow you down, and it can be dangerous, just update on market frankford line, 21 trains now available for service, to put this in perspective last week 16, now two; delaware making headway. check your schedules on line, jim, over to you. >> as meisha just mentioned, good news for the septa commuters on the market frankford line. more trains back in business for the morning return, septa announced additional rail cars will be in service starting today. meisha just mentioned, 21, six-car trains will allow for trips every five to six
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minutes, septa still working to get even more rail cars back on track after cracks were found last week. shuttle service along the l route has been ceased. finished. done. >> a stands out college basketball player from philadelphia shot over the weekends, right outside of his family home. this is file video of townsend university john davis we're told he's recovering this morning from gunshot wounds to his leg. this happened just hours after playing drexel saturday. davis was snot in a drive-by shooting outside of his family home in queen village. he is a 2013 graduate of neumann-goretti high school. >> coming up, small town in wisconsin taking part in a national contest. >> what the community hopes to win when we come right back. stay with us.
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>> small town in wisconsin aiming for a very big honor. >> they think it is the best city hall in the u.s.a. take a look. here is a look at the city hall in the town every little shoot, wisconsin, village administrators, says, it is a combination of architecture, old-fashioned charm,. >> lucky addition of the winds mill, as well, tourist dentition agents, and what i think is most incredible about that, there are cities from san francisco, new york, boston, largest communities in the country, and little chat is in that conversation. >> little chat defeated north carolina, now the city now up against stourbridge, massachusetts in the next round. >> of course, we're partial to philadelphia city hall. the the show piece, intersection of broad and market street, the tallest
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structure in the u.s. until 1909. it still the largest masonry municipal building in the u.s., and until 1987, no building in philadelphia was taller. remember bill i pen with his hat, count builds taller than his hat. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news," foods you should eat to keep your heart health. >> i pat gallen has a pretty cool story. take a look. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> it could help these kids win a trip to the white house. that's coming up. >> ♪
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>> baton down the hatches, we are under a wind advisory, all day long. katie will let us know just how windy it will get. i just got a text message, and alert, saying get out as fast as you can, and there are firetrucks going up and down our street. >> she is not alone.
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nearly 200,000 people in california are ordered to evacuate, as the nation's tallest dam threatens to unleash controlled flood waters. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> beyonce takes the stage at the grammys, but she is not the biggest winner last night. we will take a look who snapped the top award at the most memorable moments from music's biggest night. >> well, today is monday, february the 13th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. can i not get that beyonce song out my head. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning, what a windy morning it already has been. >> i dressed like that when i was pregnant. >> yes? >> i love walking around,. >> i mean, already some comfortable, why not make yourself more comfortable, right? >> good morning, everyone, big eye roll on that one. >> katie says, we have downed


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